Tuesday, 15 June 2010

"I Have A Feeling That Something Is About To Happen....Something Final"

As a somewhat belated response to the superb Radiophonic-related screen grab smorgasbord on show over at A Sound Awareness, Toys And Techniques and Unmann-Wittering last month, I thought I'd return the favour.

Recovered from a 1989 Central region broadcast Beta recording, this is Symptoms, an eerie 1974 psycho shocker from Spanish director Jose Larraz, more famous for the erotic horror Vampyres. It stars the weirdly glacial, doll-like Angela Pleasence (daughter of Donald), and features plenty of the genre's touchstones - insinuated lesbianism, a crumbling manor house etc. It was entered for the Cannes Film Festival, but its relative failure apparently affected Larraz deeply.

Symptoms remains a real rarity: it's probably never been on TV in the UK since, and you'll have to pay over the odds for an import DVD if you really want to see it. I'd go into greater detail on the film, but the first five minutes is all that's survived on this particular recording. The lovely title sequence however is a hauntologist's wet dream. A decent review plus background can be found here.

On a tangential note, the mental terror of England's participation at the World Cup is one of many points up for dissection at Minus The Shooting, to which I'm delighted to have been invited to contribute in the hallowed company of Zone Styx Travelcard, K-Punk and others.


  1. Looks beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  2. Excellent stuff. I remember watching it a long time ago and feeling uneasy, and that was before Peter Vaughan turned up.

  3. I love this film and wish a proper DVD would arrive. Thanks for the post and this sadly neglected masterpiece from Larraz.