Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Army of Collins

Me on Phil for The Quietus. Incidentally, years ago I was forwarded a mock poster for the imaginary film that gives this post its title. It would've made an excellent accompaniment to the article, but I've not been able to find it. If anyone does unearth a jpeg of it somewhere online, do let me know. I think the basic premise entailed some kind of massive Collins-cloning programme, whose threat to world peace was left to Danny Glover to avert. In the meantime, the above will do as an illustration - it's a scan of the Smash Hits sticker referred to in the piece.


  1. I thought i'd reply to your comment here in order to return the favour. Great article but, yes, the comments are bilious indeed. Taylor Parkes wrote something vaguely (if incredibly tortuously) defending Peter Gabriel some time ago on his live journal. For myself I'm prepared to admit to liking Salisbury Hill a lot although I detest Sledgehammer. Basically, the pre-Womad years.

  2. My good man, I do believe it was I who forwarded said Army of Collins poster to you those few years past. Sadly, I too have never been able to re-locate it either.

    I do however have this which I'm certain will fire up your shoesaw, that's of course if you haven't already seen it: