Friday, 11 December 2009

Smashing things

So I have a new job, and it's in a creative environment, and it's rather inspiring. It's also afforded me a little more time with which to discover the following design nuggets.

First of all, a truly stunning poster illustration for the 1970's soft-porn Dorian Gray adaptation, courtesy of Andrew Lindstrom's seriously tasty WellMedicated blog. It might be another Arnaldo Putzu piece, though no-one seems to know. More on him to come incidentally.

And secondly, I was fairly familiar with Eduardo Paolozzi from some research for a commission a few years back. I'd only recently become aware of his involvement however with the pivotal 1956 This Is Tomorrow exhibition, which lead me to this staggering print, found on the Grafik site. Beautiful choice of subjects, colours & composition.

Fuck me, this is like food.