Monday, 23 February 2009


A brief summary of recent extra-curricular thread-crossing:

First of all, many thanks indeed for this archive addition to my John Madin piece from Owen Hatherley.

Interesting to note from this that Madin was involved in new town planning back in the day. Owen's palpable fury with the civic fathers of Southampton sounds depressingly similar to the way that many residents of Northampton feel about the town's lurching growth and routine destruction of heritage over the last 40-odd years. A discussion relating to said theme has emerged here, borne of Taylor Parkes' discovery of the Development Corporation's tragically embarrassing foray into the pop world back in 1980. The use of the word 'tragically' is acutely necessary here if you're familiar with the wider story, and the town is ironically conspicuous in its' lack of energy, specifically on the part of the Borough Council.

This particular messageboard thread also morphed into some brief ruminations on new town music, whose burgeoning examination is touched upon via these kind words from Charles at Fantastic Journal.

Finally, the architecture theme pivots home to this lovely interview with Bob Stanley on Tecton, Trellick & PVC windows. And apparently just as distanced from ground-level Britain as Goldfinger this week is Morrissey, who, despite patting himself on the back for being "on the line" as a songwriter for so long, proved just how aloof he is from reality with his careers advice.

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